Customized corporate gifts for the transportation industry

Transportation Industry

The competition in the transportation industry is intense and it's important to differentiate your company with the rest. Add a creative new touch with transportation themed promotional products and impress your clients with your ability to think outside of the box!

Consider spreading word about your services using Promotional gift case with printed logo, you’ll find that something simple and amusing can keep your logo on people's minds. Give them to potential clients with your pitch materials, send them out to current clients with their invoice or distribute at industry events. There is a plethora of other options as well to help you spreading your messages!

Please have a look at our recent works and hope will be helpful for you!

1.100% Customized USB Drive

Promotional Gift Case Customized USB Drive


100% customized thumb drive is the most popular choice for transportation industry customer. We help the customer to put the boat and truck into a real USB drive. Meanwhile, customer can also store the company information in the drive. It's low MOQ but unique gift! This is absolutely an amazing choice!

2.Refrigerator Magnets – transportation shape

Amazing Advertising Gift Case Refrigerator Magnets transportation shape

The Magnet is an eye-catching promotional product whether it's positioned on a filing cabinet or refrigerator! Ideal for promoting transit companies and tourist attractions, it is able to help "drive" more business your way. The magnet can be customized with customer company name, logo and specific message then given out to potential customers and valued employees. 

3.Turck Shape Stress Reliever

Successful cases of customized promotional gifts Truck Shape Stress Reliever 

It’s a fun way to promote customer’s company and relieve stress! We can make any shape shaped polyurethane stress reliever helps relieve stress and lets people have fun at the same time. These stress relievers are an extremely affordable way to promote your business.

4.Customized Keychain

where to buy Great promotional gift idea Customized keychain 

Keychains are a cost-effective promo gift. Everyone uses keyrings and they can be easily customized to suit the marketing needs and can follow the shape of the freight industry icons, such as airplanes or trucks. Because of this reason, customer make the decision of brand it with the company logo and in the hope to increase brand awareness and boost brand recall which contributes to the transport marketing. When the user carries it around, it will also provide subtle advertising for his company.

5.Classic Calendar

top sales customized gift case classic Calendar 

As a classic gift for truck industry, the calendar is a popular promotion product for our truck lovers. Customer order the calendar to use in the office and also as a small gift to his customers.

6.Luxury Computer Back Pack for VIP customer

Best Promotional Gift idea Luxury Computer Back Pack for VIP customer 

Customer wants to express the appreciation to the best employees and say thank you to the VIP clients who support the business during the special 2020. He orders the luxury backpack with the logo printed as a memory of this special period!

We hope the above gift case will help you to select your own custom imprint to the transportation themed gift! We also know our customers are creative thinkers who are always looking for new and interesting ways to promote their businesses. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. Our product experts are happy to answer all of your questions so that you can make an educated decision when it’s time to place your order. We're here to make you look great!

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YSL Saint Laurent Heart Shape USB Flash Drive Best Corporate Gifts
Price Range         $2-$6

The Customer loves this cute little custom USB Flash Drive. It's compact, unique, and available from 8GB-128GB. This USB drive with a keychain and can hang on the backpack as decoration!

Gift Supplier is able to help you make your own custom USB flash memory. We have helped thousands of customers in different industries to make their unique stunning custom USB flash drives. The process is so simple. Just send us the picture you want to make into a custom USB. We will make the artwork for you and it's a free service! Get in touch right now! 
Colgate Toothpaste Pen Drive As a Unique Custom Shaped USB drive Gift
Price Range         $2-$6

Custom Shaped USB drives can be made to mimic virtually any product. Your brand promotion is more than the logo printed. Turn your product into custom-shaped USB drives for a practical & lasting impression. If you have invented a new product, have a cool logo shape or want a promotional flash drive shaped like a blimp, our 3-D designers here at Gift-Supplier are the one and only stop for your ideas. If you have got a doodle on your legal pad at work, or a fully formed 3-d model, send it over! We’ll take your concepts and run with it. It's really that easy!

The Customer loves this cute little Toothpaste Pen Drive. It's compact, unique, and available from 8GB-128GB. This Promotional flash drive with a keychain and can hang on the backpack as decoration!
Custom Plush Pillow Best Christmas Gift Idea 2022 Personalized Plush Pillow
Adorable Custom plush pillow Best Christmas Gift Idea 2022! Take Oogie Boogie from Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas home with you. High-quality marshmallow-soft fabrics make this ultra-collectible and ultra-squeezable plush. The 8-inch Oogie Boogie Personalized Plush Pillow comes with a set of red dice for Oogie's favorite game! This soft and cuddly Oogie Boogie Personalized Plush Pillow is the ideal present for any child who enjoys stuffed animals. During a horror movie marathon, snuggle and squish your Oogie Boogie Personalized Plush Pillow in the car, aircraft, or at home!

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Custom Plush Pillow Best Christmas Gift Idea 2022 Personalized Plush Pillow
Adorable pair of Custom plush pillows Jack and Sally from Gift Supplier. The fluffy feeling is so soothing and pleasant. Coming in a size of approximately 8 inches, the Personalized Plush Pillow Toys are perfect to carry on long journeys with you. They are also ideal for giving as Christmas Presents for Teen and your loved ones this Christmas.

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Dr. Seuss Plush Toys Custom Stuffed Animal Toys For Christmas Gift Idea 2022
Dr. Seuss plush toy is constructed of long-lasting polyester that won't bleed, fade, or tear and is gentle on your skin and pets. Due to differences in monitors, there may be some color variations.

Included is a Santa in the form of Dr. Seuss that is an infamous character. High detail on the Dr. Seuss Plush Toys that are adorable to play with and keep as a gift. Carry the Custom Stuffed Animal Toys anywhere with you as it is soft and fits in the bag easily.

The Dr. Seuss Plush Toys Christmas Gift Idea 2022 is breathable and comes in a very soft, delicate, and tough fabric making them ideal for decorating your house, living room, bedroom, sofa, couch, chair, bench, patio, office, bed, car seat, and other outdoor and indoor spaces.