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  • Lisa Helen (198 posts)

    Senior sales manager working with Gift-Supplier for 12 years. With a lot of experience in promotional gift business and understand what exactly customers need!

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  • Lolita Chen (71 posts)

    With Gift-Supplier for 7 years as product manager. I am a very careful and meticulous person. Pursue perfection in all details of the product is my mission as I know how important details decide a product's future.

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  • Angelina Liu (46 posts)

    With Gift-Supplier for 10 years as senior product supervisor. I am outgoing, but aggressive. I love to talk with people, get ideas and make an extraordinary product. My mission is to make sure my team work in the right track and all products meet our high standard.

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  • Joseph Peng (23 posts)

    With Gift-Supplier for 4 years as product manager. I am young but energetic. Passion to better life has driven me to improve the products for our customers and for better life.

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  • Promotional gift Best (20 posts)

    The most creative promotional gift ideas written by our experienced specialist. If you are looking for the most popular gifts and giveaways ideas, you're in the right place! Find all of our best promotional ideas right here.

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  • Aaron Wong (14 posts)

    With Gift-Supplier for 3 years as head of Product development manager. I love my job and have been in the product development and research for more than 15 years. A successful product can always bring me sense of achievement, which is the best gift for my life!

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