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Gifts by Price

Finding creative marketing solutions doesn’t necessarily mean throwing wads of money at a problem. The best advertising snowballs; one impression turns into a conversation and your brand awareness spreads from there. Fortunately, nothing starts a conversation quite like promo products and company swag.

Are you looking for portable branded items that recipients can carry with them all day? Maybe you're searching for practical gifts that will receive everyday use? Or, are you in need of inspiration for large products to display proudly at home, in the office or on the trade show floor? Gift-Supplier is designed to maximize your brand's exposure. Each is practical in many scenarios and will prominently and stylishly showcase your logo within your budget. Your advertising dollars go a long way when you give away promotional gift items customized with your company's branded logo and marketing message.

  • Gifts under $1
    Gifts under $1
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    Promotional gifts with lower cost that giving out branded products for marketing campaigns. We have hundreds of products under $1 at Gift-Supplier. Here you can find out gifts which you like.

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  • Gifts under $3
    Gifts under $3
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    Here we are talking about promotional gifts under $3, and we concluded Gift-Supplier's difference kinds of promotional product and these gifts features. You can choose one for your brand promotion.

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  • Gifts under $10
    Gifts under $10
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    We are talking about promotional gifts under $10 in this article. Let's see some promotional gifts at Gift-Supplier's with their gifts features and find out which one suit for your publicity.

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  • Gifts under $2
    Gifts under $2
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    As a promotional gift what is most important that it is cheap and practical. I will introduce you some customized gifts under $3. You can read the full text and understand the functions of the gift.

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  • Gifts under $5
    Gifts under $5
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    Come to explore our selection of cheap promotional gifts under $5, from daily necessities to items to take out, like old fashioned glasses, printed square fabric mouse pads, travel tumbler, magnetic can holders and etc

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  • Gifts under $20
    Gifts under $20
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    Where to buy some personalized gifts? Here are cheap and thoughtful gift ideas that cost $20 and under. You could consider one of these cheap gift options for $20 and under.

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  • Gifts under $25
    Gifts under $25
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    We rounded up the best daily promotional gifts under $25 like BBQ Grill Set with Carrying Case, Microfiber Beach Blankets, Tahoe Golf Kits, Summer Event Kits and more. You can still choose best gifts to someone which something great for under $25.

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  • Promotional items under 50 Cents
    Promotional items under 50 Cents
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    Stretch your marketing budget with hundreds of promotional logo gifts for less than 50 cents each! You will find custom pens, bags, balloons and, much more, all with your brand logo!

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  • Gifts under $50
    Gifts under $50
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    These are the best customized presents under $50, including the Oversize Wooden Yard Dice Game, All-Purpose Utility Cases, Modesto Picnic Carrier Sets, Crystal Awards and Printed Stanford Standard Padfolios.

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  • Gifts under $100
    Gifts under $100
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    Come to find that perfect gift while staying within your budget. We will recommend some perfect gifts ideas under $100, like ember ceramic mug, Sonoma hybrid knit Jackets, Printed iCOOL Lake Havasu Rolling Cooler Bags and etc

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  • How to find and customize PVC products
    How to find and customize PVC products
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    As a professional gift customization company, we have been engaged in production of customized products, whether it is production experience or customized products, we are at the leading level in the industry. Next, we will discuss PVC products and the process of PVC customization.

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  • How to design and produce PVC keychain patterns and colors
    How to design and produce PVC keychain patterns and colors
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    The PVC keychain is a practical keychain when it comes out of the shell, and it is also a kind of decoration, which can chain scattered keys together to prevent them from being lost. The PVC keychain is made of environmentally friendly soft PVC through glue (a kind of production process, micro-injection).

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