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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit promotional items can be used in two ways. You can give them away as a means of spreading the word about the work you’re doing, or you can use them as incentives. These items serve as simple reminders in people’s daily lives to give your organization more time and attention. Moreover, in this busy world, that is more important now than ever!

The power of these items comes after your event, whether it’s a 5K fundraiser or a community picnic. You reap the rewards when the visitor is using their tote bag at the grocery store and someone asks where they got it. Or when they pick up a pen to jot down a note and remember you when it comes to making donations over the holidays. People will hang onto these items for years, and in doing so, have a constant reminder of your non-profit or charity.

As a non-profit or charity, you don’t have the same budget as the big guys like Coca-Cola and Apple. No matter what you have to spend, though, there are giveaway options that will win over the crowd and help you gain awareness. In fact, you can find plenty for gifts under $3.

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