Custom Personalized 3 Ring Binders Office Personalization Supplies


Personalize our ring binders as a giveaway at industry events and conferences, or as a present to express your gratitude for new recruits and clients. Choose from a range of alternatives, including our leather presentation portfolio or our plastic binder for a less expensive option.

Personalized Gift Certificates Free Custom Print Hot Stamping LOGO
Why Choose the Personalized Gift Certificates holders? Use these Custom Print Hot and display achievement awards, an employee of the month awards, graduation diplomas, or citizenship certificates in these black and gold foil certificate covers. Each award paper holder measures 8*11" inches and has sizable space in the center to add personalized text, lines for signatures, adhesive stickers, and personalized messages.
The personalized Gift Certificates holders with gold foil border are made of 300 gsm card stock to keep your award certificates free of creases and damage. Each Custom Print Hot measures 8*11" inches and features four pre-cut corner slots to hold vertically or horizontally letter-sized, 8*11"-inch documents in place.