personalize products about work from home as gifts in COVID-19

Work From Home

The year of 2020 is a "special" year for people all over the world. The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused many companies to work from home. In fact, many professionals across the country have worked from home throughout the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic so far. Luckily, technology makes this very feasible for numerous industries.

Why not make this uncertain time as straightforward as possible for your team by providing them with products to help them with working from home? And even better - why not add a splash of corporate pride by choosing items branded with your logo?

We have helped our customers to turn their gift idea into real and we would love to share with you our recent works. Hope it will bring you some ideas as well.

1. Ultraviolet Sterilization Box

where to buy Successful Gift Case Ultraviolet Sterilization Box

We want to stay safe and keep millions miles away from germs, bacteria, and viruses. In the interests of hygiene, we want our mobile also stay away from virus. No matter it’s with COVID-19 or NOT!! 

2. Successful Gift Case -UV Light Sanitizer

Successful Gift Case UV Light Sanitizer

The UV sterilizing wand is to help us kill virus when we receive a parcel. It’s also necessary to carry it when we have to travel. The customer loves it because it’s effective and easy to carry. 

3. Custom Hand Sanitizer

Great Gift Idea Custom Hand Sanitizer

Hygiene is paramount during the COVID-19. Hand sanitizer is perfect for protecting ourselves from germs, bacteria, and viruses. A hand sanitizer with full customized can bring fun factors when we are working from home.

4. Contactless Door Opener

amazing gift idea where-to buy non touch key

The client orders the contactless door openers for friends when the pandemic starts. How sweet…The non-touch tool is designed to keep your hands from touching common public surfaces to reduce the transmission of germs. Let the tool open doors, push buttons and do the dirty work for you.

5. Custom Tumblers

great gift concept custom tumblers

Coffee is a must whether you are in the office or not! In this special time, the customer hope employees feel they are being care by putting the "Cheer up" on the tumbler. Imagine how sweet if your company send you such a special warm gift. 

6. Branded Ear Plugs

Great business Gift case Branded Ear Plugs 

Don’t forget to use earplugs to stay focused! We know that working at home can be distracting because of family, kids, etc. With earplugs, we believe will be able to work effectively and it’s so nice to have the company brand on it.  

7. Bluetooth Speaker

amazing gift idea oem bluetooth speaker

A perk of working from home is the opportunity to listen to music without headphones. This wireless Bluetooth speaker also allows employees to take calls, so they won’t miss a beat. 

8. Headphones

fashionable gift idea tws headphones

The reason customer like to send headphones is putting on headphones can block some of the noise around. Moreover, it can help the employees need to focus on a report or hear someone presenting a meeting. Headphones are a great item to make working from home a little easier. 

9. Webcam Covers

Successful Gift Concept Webcam Covers

We all want privacy especially when we are working from home with a lot of video meetings. If you forget to close the camera it may cause embarrass. Custom webcam covers are one of the must-have tech accessories! Prevent the invasion of privacy through webcam hacking by covering your laptop camera when not in use. 

10. Fabric Mask

gift idea with logo fabric mask

Masks- We are wearing it daily. With customer’s brands, it’s only a protection, it’s also a great adverting effect.

While the rise in home offices and people going to work without literally "going to work" represents a big change in the way businesses operate, it's not all bad. This ever-growing segment of employees gives your company the opportunity to promote its logo and brand name in a whole new way to a whole new audience. Giving your employees items like these will give your employees the tools they need to succeed during the pandemic and after! 

Customized Logo Portable Handheld fogger disinfection machine
Product Color: White

Atomization Level: Nano scale

Material: ABS

Tank Capacity: 250ml

Power Source: Battery Powered 1500mAh

Rated Voltage: 110-240V

Rated Power: 13W

Power Supply Voltage: DC3.7V

Spray Distance: 2.0-2.5 Meters

Charging Time: 4-5 Hours

Usage Time: 1.5-2 Hours

Charging by: PC, Adaptor, Power bank

Charging interface: USB

Size: 18.3x16x4.8cm/7.2x6.3x1.89 inches

OEM/ODM Service: Available

Customized Logo Colorful Cool Mini Humidifier with 7 Color LED Night Light
Product Color: White/Pink/Gray
Feature: Air Humidification +Light
Material: ABS + silicone + PC + metal + electrical
Water capacity: 270ml
Power Source: Battery Powered
Work Power: 2W
Work Voltage: DC5.0V/1.0A
Charging by: PC, Adaptor, Power bank
Charging interface: USB
Amount of fog: 30-45 ml / hour
Working time: 4-6 hours
Size: 7.2x7.2x12.8 cm/2.68 x 2.68x 5.63 inches
Usage: Car Home Office Hotel Desk USB Humidifier
Imprint Process: Silk Screen Printing/Pad Print
Imprint Location: Front side
Imprint Color: Varies by Design
QTY: 1pc/box
Minimum Order Quantity: 100PCS
OEM/ODM Service: Available
Customized Logo UFO Shaped Humidifier Ultra-quiet Double Spray Air Humidifier With Colorful Night Light
Product Color: White/Green/Pink/Red

Feature: Air Humidification+Light

Material: Polypropylene+ABS + silicone + electrical

Water capacity: 400ml

Power Source: Battery Powered

Extra Power Supply: DC 5V

Work Power: 1.8W

Work Voltage: 5V

Charging by: PC, Adaptor, Power bank

Charging interface: USB

Amount of fog: 30-45 ml / hour

Working time: 9-11 hours

Size: 14.5x14.5x13cm/5.71 x 5.71 x 5.12 inches

Usage: Home Office Hotel Desk USB Humidifier

Imprint Process: Silk Screen Printing/Pad Print

Imprint Location: Front side

Imprint Color: Varies by Design

QTY: 1pc/box

Minimum Order Quantity: 100PCS

OEM/ODM Service: Available
Comfortable Texture 0.5/0.7mm Rubber Grip Custom Mechanical Pencils
Plastic main body has an ideal weight balance and a comfortable non-slip knurled rubber grip. This long-lasting, smooth, and precise retractable mechanical pencil is a perfect professional tool for sketching and drawing.

Product Color: Black/Purple/Red/Light Blue/Green/Gray/Dark Blue

Product Size: 148x10mm/5.82x0.4 inch

Weight: 100g/unit

Material: Plastic/Rubber

Imprint Process: Pad Printing/Silk Screen Printing

Imprint Location: All around the pencil

Imprint Color: Varies by Design