National Safety Month Awareness Personalized Promtional Gift Giveways


We have a variety of unique safety promotional products and exclusive workplace safety designs at Gift-Supplier that will encourage safe work practices and show your dedication to employee health and safety. Make safety a top priority for your company and remind your employees about it during National Safety Month and throughout the year. Our workplace safety giveaways and safety award presents will motivate your employees to keep safe at work and at home. Our 2021-22 themes can also be used for free on any imprinted item on the website!

Employee safety and health issues cost businesses like yours a lot of money in terms of lost earnings, reduced productivity, and medical and insurance costs. That's why having a safety program in place at your facility to educate, inspire, and reward your employees for being safe on and off the work is critical.

Customized Logo Portable Handheld fogger disinfection machine
Product Color: White

Atomization Level: Nano scale

Material: ABS

Tank Capacity: 250ml

Power Source: Battery Powered 1500mAh

Rated Voltage: 110-240V

Rated Power: 13W

Power Supply Voltage: DC3.7V

Spray Distance: 2.0-2.5 Meters

Charging Time: 4-5 Hours

Usage Time: 1.5-2 Hours

Charging by: PC, Adaptor, Power bank

Charging interface: USB

Size: 18.3x16x4.8cm/7.2x6.3x1.89 inches

OEM/ODM Service: Available

UV Light Sanitizer Rechargeable UVC Light Ultraviolet Light Wand, for Hotel Household Wardrobe Toilet Car Pet Area
Our High-Quality UV Light Sanitizer Wand quickly and easily disinfect and sterilize everyday objects and surfaces in seconds using Advanced Ultraviolet Technology commonly used in Hospitals and Laboratories. UV light frequency has been scientifically proven to destroy viruses, bacteria, germs and stop their ability to multiply.
Power sources: 2 1.5V AAA battery
Size: 6.89*1.3in
Rated voltage: DC 3V
Rated power: 1W
Executive standard: 0B / T1172- 1999  
UV Light Sanitizer, Foldable UVC Sanitizing Wand, Ultraviolet Light Disinfection for Home, Office, Hotel
According to studies by scientists, almost seven thousand species of bacteria live on the screens of cell phone. Glasses, makeup brushes, nail tools, toothbrushes, children's toys, etc. It are also full of bacteria. These bacteria can cause diseases that is why you need our multi-functional UV light sanitizer wand. It is time for them to be thoroughly disinfected.

Power sources: 2 1.5V 4 AAA battery

Size: 5.0 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches,

Weight: 2.2OZ

Rated voltage: DC 3V

Rated power: 1W
Wholesale Portable UV Santitizing Chargers Smartphone UV Sanitizer Charger Box Clinically Proven Kills Germs Viruses & Bacteria
UV Sterilizer: Sanitize your phone and other personal items within 5 minutes to neutralize bacteria. 
Wireless Charger: Your phone and other Qi-enabled devices will automatically charge when placed in the Portable UV Santitizing Chargers. Widely Used: Sanitize all iPhones, and most other mobile devices that are no larger than 7.2" x 4.15" x 1.18" in size. It can also sanitize all other small items that can fit into the box, such as iPods, keys, jewelry, etc.

Product Dimensions: 8.74" x 5" x 1.85" (L x W x H)

Weight: ‎324G

Material: PC + ABS

Input voltage: 5V12A 9V/ 2A

UV power: 2W (max)

Transmission distance: 2 -6 MIM

Color: White