Mobile Lanyards

Get a grip on your cellphone or other handheld device with the custom mobile lanyards. It can be many different sizes and materials. The mobile lanyard features a large split ring with an adjustable device loop. Just strap it around your wrist and loop the smaller end around your phone's stand, holder, or other type of clip for a secure hold. This device can also be used with digital cameras, USB flash drives, keychains, MP3 and media players, and other portable items. Create a custom look with your color scheme or original artwork and add your logo.

Mobile Black Logo Lanyards For Personalized Lanyard Keychain
Nylon is used to make this promotional lanyard, which is resistant to wear and tear. Because it is difficult to distort and has a long lifespan, good quality saves you money on a second purchase. Vaccination cards, name tags, badges, credit cards, business cards, access cards, cameras, cellphones, key chains, and more may all be attached to this lanyard. You may also personalize the Logo Lanyards by having us print them on the personalized Lanyard of your choosing.
The upper center hole on the vaccination card protector is particularly created for Personalized Lanyard; feel free to select any color to match your current mood or style. The neck lanyard swings easily around the neck, making Logo Lanyards wonderfully light and comfortable to wear.