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Find your logo printed outdoor gear for marketing golf events and picnics right here! Your staff and customers will love outdoors sports gear with your brand on it! Search our most popular customized promo gifts that feature our most viewed and popular logo giveaways. Gift-supplier can offer you great drinkware from china with low price.

Christmas Light Up Toys With Christmas Party Flavor Custom Fun Eyeglasses Gift Supplier
The beautiful Christmas Light Up Toys for children come in a pack of 78 pieces. Coming in several different colors and different shapes, the Custom Fun Eyeglasses Gift is made of useful material that is not harmful at all. You can use the Christmas Light Up Toys without worrying about their effects. Ideal gift for children.

To get the greatest results, make sure you use the Custom Fun Eyeglasses Gift in the dark. An LED is also integrated into each of the rings that can be turned on and off by squeezing. Wear the sunglasses, rings, and bracelets and gift them to your loved ones this Christmas as they are ideal for small children that love to play in the dark. We know how children are fond of animals and this Custom Fun Eyeglasses Gift has been designed while keeping that in mind.
DHL Logo Printed Custom Umbrellas with Logo Personalized Your Umbrella
Price Range         $0.8-$2.5

A custom umbrella with logo makes a great promotional item, as it is both practical and stylish. This DHL umbrella is a powerful promotional tool, and it provides exceptional brand exposure and advertising. Gift-Supplier has the perfect custom umbrellas with logo for your business, regardless of the occasion or your particular personal taste and budget.

Our high-quality custom umbrellas last for years, and create a fantastic impact compared to online advertising – where else is your brand displayed as a moving billboard to your customers? Printed umbrellas lend themselves to the promotions trade because they offer great branding potential, a high perceived value and can be customised in lots of different ways.
Christmas Promotional Gift Kids Sunglasses Bulk Custom Kids Sunglasses Christmas Gift for Kids
12 pack Promotional Gift Kids Sunglasses Bulk to make the night parties interesting for kids. Light up Custom Kids Sunglasses Christmas Gift for Kids brings a cool vibe at night to the parties. The Custom Kids Sunglasses Christmas Gift for Kids glow in the dark and are the perfect toys for kids this Christmas. Gift your kids these unique Promotional Gift Kids Sunglasses Bulk that glows in the dark. 

Children can now enjoy the party with the Custom Kids Sunglasses Christmas Gift for Kids that look super cute in the dark.
Benz Symbol Umbrella Best Company Giveaway Items
Price Range         $0.8-$2.5

Umbrellas, as the most classic gifts, are really liked by customers. Benz produced, first-class quality. The design of this umbrella is upscale and stylish, and it is very popular.
The most important is the brand design/color match/Product detail make.
Emirates Airlines Logo Cool It USB Desk Fan Corporate Gifts Personalized Hand Fans
Price Range         $1-$5

The reason why customers like this fan are very simple. They hope that passengers can enjoy the cool breeze in the hot summer. This fan is very portable, and the custom colors fully reflect the Emirates Airlines brand.

Custom giveaways such as our personalized hand fans are highly versatile in that they’re a great fit for a variety of situations. Sports games, graduations, company picnics, concerts, and summer charity functions are just a few of the many events at which these fun little items can provide big relief. They're perfect for handing out at trade shows, conventions, and other promotional events. Plus, they're an affordable way to get your name out there.