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Your clients charge their phones and other devices on a daily basis, so they'll welcome printed charging devices and cable sets that fit a range of products! Browse our vast collection of charging-related items, and you're sure to find something bright to match your budget and needs. These useful gifts are great for trade exhibitions, electronics and computer-repair business, and much more!

Branded Wireless Chargers Promotional Phone Chargers - Your Logo, Their Power
Empower your brand with our Logo Wireless Chargers and Promotional Phone Chargers. These versatile devices not only keep your audience charged and connected but also serve as powerful promotional tools. Imprint your logo or message on these chargers to create a lasting brand impression. Perfect for corporate gifting, trade shows, and events, these charging solutions merge functionality with effective marketing. Whether in the office, at home, or on the go, your logo will travel with your customers, making each charge a brand-building opportunity. Choose our Logo Wireless Chargers and Promotional Phone Chargers to supercharge your marketing efforts.
Charging Cable Kits Promotional Cables - Your Power, Your Promotion
Experience the perfect blend of power and promotion with our Charging Cable Kits and Promotional Charging Cables. Whether you need to charge multiple devices on the go or want to make a strong brand impression, these products deliver. Our Charging Cable Kits are designed to keep you connected, offering a variety of connectors and lengths to fit your needs. Pair them with our Promotional Charging Cables to turn every charge into a branding opportunity. Ideal for corporate gifting and promotional events, these solutions combine functionality with effective marketing, ensuring your brand remains in the spotlight, even on the go.
2-in-1 Lanyard Phone Charger and USB Data Cable Neck Lanyard - Convenience Meets Connectivity
Elevate your on-the-go experience with our Lanyard Phone Charger and USB Data Cable Neck Lanyard combo. This innovative accessory seamlessly integrates the convenience of a phone charger and a data cable into a stylish neck lanyard. Whether you're at an event, trade show, or simply navigating your daily routine, stay powered and connected without missing a beat. Keep your devices charged and data transfers swift, all while wearing a trendy and functional lanyard. With this 2-in-1 solution, you'll never have to worry about running out of power or losing connectivity again. Upgrade your lifestyle with our must-have accessory.
Glowing LED and Braided Charger Cable - The Ultimate Power Combo
Elevate your charging experience with our Braided Lightning Charging Cable with LED Indicator. This versatile cable boasts impressive durability, thanks to its braided construction, and its integrated LED indicator adds a touch of style and functionality to your daily charging routine. No more struggling in the dark – the LED light ensures effortless connections even in low-light settings. Get the best of both worlds in one cable, combining strength and illumination for a charging solution that stands out. Choose reliability and style with our LED and braided charging cables today.
Customizable iPhone Charger with Illuminating Logo Cable
Illuminate your brand and power up your promotional campaigns with our LED-Lit Promotional Charging Cable for iPhones. This innovative charging cable not only ensures fast, reliable charging for iPhones, but it also serves as a brilliant marketing tool. The cable features an LED light that highlights your custom logo, making your brand shine in any setting. Whether you're looking to impress clients, boost brand visibility, or make a memorable impression at trade shows and events, our branded light-up iPhone charger cable with logo display is the perfect choice. Customize your order today and watch your marketing efforts come to life with this illuminating cable.
Multifunction Charge Cable: Your All-in-One Charging Solution
Introducing our Multifunction Charge Cable and LED Phone Charger combo, the ultimate solution for staying connected and powered up. This all-in-one charging solution offers versatility and convenience in a single package. The Multifunction Charge Cable is designed to work with various devices, reducing cable clutter, while the LED Phone Charger ensures your devices light up and power up with ease. Say goodbye to carrying multiple cables and chargers; our innovative combo simplifies your charging needs. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, our Multifunction Charge Cable and LED Phone Charger are the ideal companions for all your connectivity and charging requirements.
Light Up Charging Cord for iPhone: Power and Visual Appeal Combined
Transform your iPhone charging routine with our LED Charging Cable for iPhone, a brilliant blend of function and style. This cable efficiently powers your device while creating a captivating light show, making it more than just a charger. Equally, our Light Up Charging Cord for iPhone combines efficient charging and aesthetics, casting an eye-catching glow as it powers your device. These charging solutions offer the perfect fusion of practicality and visual appeal, simplifying your charging process while adding a touch of elegance to your surroundings. Illuminate your charging experience with our iPhone LED Charger Cable, where power meets artistry.

Promote Your Brand with a 3 in 1 Lanyard Charging Cable
Elevate your branding and stay connected effortlessly with our innovative 3 in 1 lanyard charging cable. This versatile accessory combines a charging cable with a lanyard, ensuring you stay powered up while promoting your brand. Customize the promotional charging cable to feature your logo or message, and watch your brand's visibility soar. Whether at trade shows, corporate events, or in everyday use, our 3 in 1 lanyard charging cable is a promotional powerhouse. It's a stylish, functional, and impactful way to charge your devices on the go while making a lasting impression. Experience the best of both worlds with this custom promotional cable.
Custom Red Neck Lanyard & USB Charging Cable 2-in-1 LOGO USB Charging Cable
As a professional phone data cable manufacturer, we have designed and manufactured this kind of USB data cable that can be used as a phone lanyard. Unique soft and lightweight polyester noodle line design, online can customize all kinds of text and pattern LOGO. People will wear them on their necks to charge mobile phones and transfer data anytime, anywhere. The BEST partner for mobile phones, ID cards,s and work cards.

Material: polyester, ABS, copper

Function: mobile phone lanyard; data cable; charging cable

Input port: USB

Output port: Micro USB, Type-c, iPhone

Power: 5V/2.1A

Your Brand, Your Cables: Personalized PVC Data and Charging Cable
Elevate your connectivity and data transfer needs with our custom-made charging cable and personalized PVC data cable. We understand that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we offer bespoke solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our personalized PVC data cable is designed to ensure seamless data transfer while our custom charging cables provide a unique way to charge your devices. Your brand can now be at the forefront of your connection and charging solutions. Whether you need personalized data cables for your business or custom-made charging cables as promotional gifts, we have you covered. Experience the power of tailored connectivity and branded charging solutions like never before.
Stylish Charging Solutions: Lanyard Phone Charger and 2 in 1 Cable
Introducing the ultimate power and style combo – our Lanyard Phone Charger and 2 in 1 Charging Cable Lanyard. It's your all-in-one solution to staying charged and connected while making a style statement. This versatile accessory features a lanyard with a built-in phone charger, keeping your devices powered when you need them most. But that's not all – it also includes a 2 in 1 charging cable for even more versatility. Whether you're at a conference, event, or just on the move, this stylish lanyard keeps you charged and your branding in the spotlight. Get ready to power up your devices and elevate your style with this unique, dual-purpose accessory.