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Sport Industry

There are few things in life which inspire passion as much as sports. One of the big things about your club is its identity. Whether your organization is a sports team, educational establishment, or work team on a fitness drive, you can use promotional products to build support!

When people join a club they become a part of it and its identity so it’s only natural that promotional items branded with your club emblem play a big part in that. By giving away useful promotional products, you will definitely improve the comfort of sports fans and foster team spirit. Meanwhile, if your fans have extra gifts to take away they can feel so much more involved. The extra effort has a big impact on people and their attitude towards the club. 

Let's have a look at our recent gift case and we believe it will help you to select the amazing promotional products!

1.  Sport Pack

hot sale customized promotional gift case sport Pack

Sports Pack- This handy little bag is a best seller and with good reason!  It comes in a variety of color options; it has a large imprint area for high visibility of customer’s brand. The customer chooses it because it is high quality, budget friendly, and rush service is available. The small and sturdy Sports Pack is the perfect promotional choice making it a branding staple and best seller.

2.  Sport Bottles-The Best Gift Idea

best gift idea customized Sport Bottles

The main reason customer selects the sports bottle because the printed sports bottles are a fantastic way to get noticed. Sport bottle as a highly portable item that people are likely to take with them on the move. It means customer's brand will be seen easily by whoever is about, whatever the occasion.

3.  Cap

Successful case of customized promotional gift Cap

The cap is a classic yet popular promotional item. Custom hopes to keep fans buzzing about the company long after the game has ended by investing in trendy promotional cap prominently featuring his logo!

4.  Wearable Smart Watch

Most successful Gift Case Wearable Smart Watch


Customer is requesting a luxury gift to VIP fans! We are so happy to help him to customized the product and it turns out to be a great successful gift case.

5.  TWS Earphone -Most Successful Gift Case

Top selling promotional gift idea TWS Earphone

An excellent choice for sport fan who love jogging. Customer place the order of TWS earbuds for VIP customer who buy a certain amount of products from his shop. How cool it looks like when somebody wearing his brand jogging out door!

6.  Airpod Protect Case

Best Advertising Gift Case Airpod Protect Case 

For some people that owe an Airpod, they may want a protective case. This is how we think so. For sport industry customers, most of their fans are with different type of TWS earbuds and they need to protect the expensive earbuds. We offer customer to make a 100% case with the special mascot design. The advantage of this promotional item is low MOQ and truly a unique item that nobody else can have.

7.100% customized keychain with customer’s design

Hot Sale promotional gift case customized keychain with customer design 

The customer is from a university and would love to have some little special gift for the students and audients. We offer customer the idea and working out the customized keychain same like the mascot, and IT WORK OUTS!! Customer leave us a 5-star review saying” wow, such a big surprise for anybody!”

There are millions of promotional products on the market. Associate your brand with the correct promotional items to add a trendy and innovative touch to your marketing campaign is our first priority and profession! Please send us your request and we will do our utmost effort to help you!

Hand Made PVC Speaker Custom Bluetooth Speaker with Logo
There is no better way to promote your brand and deliver your message with this one of kind Custom Bluetooth Speaker. The PVC Speaker is made of soft PVC material and can be any shape and design as your imagination takes you. You can pair it with your cell phone or other Bluetooth music devices to stream music. Just send us artwork, and we will do the design for you free of charge. Certificates: CE, FCC, and Rohs.
Bluetooth Version: 5.0+EDR
Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
MAX Power output: 3W
Input: 5V/ 500mAh
Speaker diameter: 27mm
Battery: 300mAh
Antenna: Built-in
Lasting time: 2-3 hours in max volume Charged time: 2 hours
Material: ABS plastic+ PVC/Silicone Material
Custom-Made Stereo & Bluetooth Speakers - Your Sonic Canvas
Immerse yourself in a world of tailored audio experiences with our custom-made stereo speakers and custom-made Bluetooth speakers. These remarkable devices combine craftsmanship with technology, allowing you to sculpt your sound exactly the way you envision it. Whether you're looking to enhance your brand presence with customized audio solutions or surprise someone with a personalized gift, these speakers are the perfect choice. Crafted to deliver exceptional sound quality and designed for personalization, our custom-made stereo and Bluetooth speakers offer the ideal blend of style and substance. Elevate your audio game and make a lasting impression with these one-of-a-kind sound companions.

Bluetooth Version: 5.0+EDR
MAX Power output: 3W
Input: 5V/ 500mAh
Speaker diameter: 27mm
Range: 10meters
Antenna: Built-in
Lasting time: 2-3 hours in max volume Charged time: 2 hours
Material: ABS plastic+ PVC/Silicone Material
Custom-Made Bluetooth Speaker - Craft Your Sound Experience
Experience audio like never before with our custom-made Bluetooth speaker and personalized Bluetooth speakers. These high-quality sound devices are not only designed for exceptional audio performance but also for personalization. With custom-made options, you can tailor the appearance and features to match your brand or personal preferences. Our personalized Bluetooth speakers go even further, allowing you to imprint your unique style, logo, or message, turning them into memorable and thoughtful gifts. Whether you're looking to elevate your brand or surprise someone special, our custom-made and personalized Bluetooth speakers offer the perfect fusion of sound and style. Make your mark in the world of audio with these exceptional speakers

Bluetooth Version: 5.0+EDR
MAX Power output: 3W
Input: 5V/ 500mAh
Speaker diameter: 27mm
Range: 10meters
Antenna: Built-in
Lasting time: 2-3 hours in max volume Charged time: 2 hours
Material: ABS plastic+ PVC/Silicone Material
Comfortable Texture 0.5/0.7mm Rubber Grip Custom Mechanical Pencils
Plastic main body has an ideal weight balance and a comfortable non-slip knurled rubber grip. This long-lasting, smooth, and precise retractable mechanical pencil is a perfect professional tool for sketching and drawing.

Product Color: Black/Purple/Red/Light Blue/Green/Gray/Dark Blue

Product Size: 148x10mm/5.82x0.4 inch

Weight: 100g/unit

Material: Plastic/Rubber

Imprint Process: Pad Printing/Silk Screen Printing

Imprint Location: All around the pencil

Imprint Color: Varies by Design

Customized Muscle Massage Gun Xmas Present Ideas for Muscle Deep Tissue Mssage Gun
Do you feel weary and have aches in your tissues? Do you feel like your body could use some rest? You don't need to go to a massage parlor when you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home. Sit or recline comfortably on your bed and relax with this Customized Muscle Massage Gun Xmas Present Ideas. The Customized Deep Tissue Massage Gun assists deep tissue massage, which is supposed to deliver complete relaxation, thanks to its numerous sophisticated features.
Customized Percussion Massage Gun The Christmas 2022 Gift For Loved Ones
Do you have a tired feeling in your body and a nagging ache in your tissues? Do you think your body may benefit from some rest? You don't need to go to a massage establishment when you can give yourself a massage at home. Relax while sitting or reclining on your bed with this Christmas 2022 gift mini massage gun. Thanks to its multiple complex features, the Customized Percussion Massage Gun aids deep tissue massage, which is claimed to provide total relaxation.
Custom Sport Wrist Bands Christmas Idea 2022 For Sweat Wristbands
Looking to take your sports outfit to the next level? The custom sport wrist bands with the logo are a cool add-on to any sports outfit. Whether you are a footballer or a very hard-working gym-freak, the sweat wristbands represent class and give a prestigious feeling. 

If you are involved in a sports activity that involves wrists, this Christmas Idea 2022 Custom Wristbands are made for you! Allowing your wrist to stay in shape, these custom sport wrist bands will give aesthetic look with its soft cotton material that provides comfort to the wrist. Apart from that, the sweat wristbands prevent sweat from reaching your hands which can affect your performance.

In extreme weather like summer, performance drops due to sweaty hands. The Christmas Idea 2022 Custom Wristbands can prevent a drop in performance during critical moments and a wristband is a remedy for that.
YSL Saint Laurent USB Drives - Where Elegance Meets Digital Innovation
Price Range         $2-$6

Elevate your brand presence with our custom promotional USB flash drives. These versatile devices not only store data securely but also showcase your logo or message prominently, making them exceptional marketing tools. Choose from a range of styles, capacities, and materials to tailor your message to perfection. Meanwhile, the YSL Saint Laurent USB drives marry the elegance of luxury fashion with cutting-edge technology. Seamlessly integrating style and utility, they epitomize sophistication while serving as a functional digital accessory. Make a statement with these remarkable USB drives that transcend mere data storage.